Lasse Erdweg

Local Chapter Frankfurt

Lasse studied Banking & Finance in Cologne. After holding positions in Wealth Management (Commerzbank) and Consulting (KPMG), he is currently completing his MSc in Finance at the University of Frankfurt. During his time in Cologne, he supported the student initiative Enactus and the local SUN chapter. Today, he is responsible for the SUN chapter Frankfurt am Main.

Sascha Ladewig


Sascha, Scholar of the German National Academic Foundation, studies information systems at the University of Cologne. During his studies he works in the IT-Business and coaches startups and companies in using Business-IT-Clouds.

Alexander Pinker


Alexander has been active in the communication sector for several years now. He gained his first work experience during the time of his university education at the FHWS with Media Management as a major, when he was working as a freelanced consultant with an emphasis on online marketing and customer experience. Today, Alexander works as a project manager focusing on multimedia communication for GMM AG, a Munich based agency specialized in corporate communication. In addition, he is currently attending Master courses at the FOM University, where he will complete his academic education with a degree in Corporate Communication (M.Sc.). Alexander takes part in organizing the SUN chapter in Munich.


Kai Niehues


Kai gained his first startup insights by working for Tutoria and co-founding CV-Coach in 2013. From his new home in Barcelona he provides us with news from all over the world.

Jens Augspurger

Event Coordinator

Jens is scholar of the Protestant Study Foundation and studies Political Science in Mannheim. He is working with a Mannheim-based startup in the social media sector and is responsible for the SUN communication.


Simon Binder

Foundations & Partnerships

Simon, fellow of the German National Academic Foundation, studies Electrical and Information Engineering in Darmstadt and Dresden. He is currently writing his thesis and organizing SUN conventions in Dresden.


Fabian Ruffy

IT Lead

Fabian is a master student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He specialises in systems and communication networks research and is invested in introducing simplicity to "big data". He manages the website's front- and back-end development as well as the technical planning.

Oliver Dumas

IT & Website/Design

Ollie studies International Media and Computing at the HTW Berlin. He follows the latest developments in the smartphone market with great interest. Ollie is responsible for the design and the front-end development of the website.

Nick Pawlowski

IT & Website

Nick studied physics at the University of Leeds, UK. After working in England, Malaysia and India, Nick is now working on the "next big thing". He is responsible for the development and maintenance of the SUN website and database.

Wilfried Pfilf

IT & Website

Wilfried studied Online Media, Journalism and Mobile Experience. He is responsible for the development and maintenance of the SUN website and database.

Member Service

René Kulik


René is a scholarship recipient of the German National Academic Foundation. He studied business administration, Chinese and Japanese Studies. He is interested in social entrepreneurship and has been active in several start-ups (including a social network). At SUN, he has been part of the core team since the very beginning. He organized succesful SUN-Events in the past and is currently responsible for SUN’s admission procedure.


Benjamin Bremmer


Benjamin studied Business Administration in St. Gallen and is currently working for an investment fond in London. During his studies, he founded the monetization service Linksert while working at the incubator Venture Works.

Tobias Romberg


Tobias, scholar of the National Academic Foundation, is currently in the final stage of his dual degree in Business Administration at the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT. He is SUN’s financial auditor.

Claudio Kühn


Claudio studied law at the University of Mainz, Lausanne, and Munich and is currently completing his PhD in Berlin. He attends to all legal questions at SUN.

Local Chapters

Felipe Tunnel

Local Chapter London

Felipe graduated with a Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering. He then went on to study a second Master's degree in Finance at Imperial College London. In 2014, he joined the Consumer & Retail Investment Banking team at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in London, where he currently works on M&A transactions and IPOs. He is responsible along with David and Andrea for SUN's London chapter.

Andrea Bonaceto

Local Chapter London

Andrea studied Finance at Imperial College London and worked as a consultant for Deloitte and KPMG. After his graduation, he decided to co-found UWAVE, a London based Start-Up whose aim is to bridge the gap between university students and SMEs. He is responsible along with David and Felipe for the SUN chapter London.

Jonas Nipkow

Lokalgruppe Berlin

Jonas, International Business Management student, is convinced that sustainable economic activity may change the world for the better. Whether with a charity app or a peace-promoting fashion brand, Jonas takes action and believes that everyone can do so; especially through Social Entrepreneurship.

Luca Ohl

Lokalgruppe Berlin

After „working“ as a kitesurf instructor and after studying Business Administration and Engineering, Luca is currently scouting the startup scene of Berlin. Besides the founding of a party label and developing an app there are lots of other projects and ideas to put into action. Along with Daniel, Jonas and Steffen he is responsible for the SUN chapter Berlin.

Steffen Baumgarten

Lokalgruppe Berlin

Steffen, fellow of the Foundation of German Business, studied Management and Industrial Engineering at the Berlin University of Technology with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship and IT. As a founder, product manager or software engineer he built products in the sectors FinTech and Online Dating.

Daniel Müer

Lokalgruppe Berlin

Daniel is scholar of the Foundation of German Business and studied Business Law in Bielefeld. After travelling extensively in Asia, he worked as product manager for a Berlin based financial software manufactorer and was responsible for the group consolidation module. He is working as a freelance consultant since May 2013, studies Modern South- and Southeast Asian Studies at Humboldt University in Berlin and operates the coworking space plattform Work Like You Want. Together with Luca, Jonas and Steffen, he is responsilbe for the local chapter Berlin.

Michael Kisse

Local Chapter Frankfurt

Before founding his own business in 2014, Michael was employed in the internal development at DB Mobility Logistics and Lufthansa. You are planning to leave your current job in order to build your own company? Talk to Michael.

Fabian Massing

Local Chapter Münster

Thanks to his medicine studies, Fabian sees startups in a unique perspective, thus helping startups with approaches that may really be called "out of the box". Please also get in touch with Fabian if you like to engage with the MUN-scene.

Lars Masanneck

Local Chapter Münster

As a scholarship recipient of the German National Academic Foundation, Lars studies medicine at the WWU in Münster. In cooperation with Fabian, he organizes the local chapter of SUN.

Arndt-Hendrik Zinn

Local Chapter Ruhrgebiet

Arndt is currently a scholar of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, working on his PhD thesis in mechanical engineering on thin film batteries at the Ruhr-University Bochum. He is planning a technology startup in the Ruhr metro area and knowledgeable in NRW’s funding opportunities.

Stephan Kaufmann

Local Chapter Stuttgart

Stephan, alumnus of the National Academic Foundation graduated in September 2014 in International Business. He accomplished his bachelor thesis about a sales monitoring, reporting and analysis tool for the Travel Retail APAC department within HUGO BOSS Hong Kong Limited. He used to work for this department in Hong Kong since its establishment in September 2013. Since November 2014 he works for the consulting branch Strategy & Operations at KPMG AG in Munich.

Sebastian Bastek

Local Chapter Aachen

Sebastian studies Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration at RWTH Aachen University. He first came in touch with the startup community during his time at MIT in the US, where he was one of the organizers of the MIT Energy Conference and worked as a recruiter of startup companies for the conference's showcase. At the moment, Sebastian is working on his bachelor's thesis about "Industry 4.0".

Marius Wiggert

Local Chapter München

Marius is studying general Engineering Science (mixture of mechanical, electrical engineering and informatics) as well as Philosophy in Munich. Beside internships at Daimler, Porsche and Aribus Space (former EADS) he is working at the Student Consultenty Academy Consult in Munich. He already had some projects about the Munich Start-Up Scene like a study about the success factors of Start-Ups in Munich as well as a businessplan and risk analysis Workshop for a Postal-service Start-Up. He supports the SUN group of Munich.


David Herld


David likes to look at the quirky world of small startups from the view of the world's most successful multinationals, drawing parallels between them to see what start-ups can learn from multinationals to become successful. During his time working for AirBerlin, Porsche and Commerzbank he learned how to crunch numbers and to understand the workings of large organisations. Being strategy consultant today, he loves to help smaller scale companies, for example by connecting them with his broad network.

Inga Schwarting

Local Chapter Berlin

After having encouraged several M&As at different banks Inga joined Plug&Play-Accelerator in 2012. Thereby she is well-connected in Berlin's and the international startup-scene and regularly exchanges with Plug&Play-startups. She shares her experience with SUN's local chapter in Berlin and helps the network to gain in reach.

Min-Sung Kim

Local Chapter Berlin

Min-Sung is an entrepreneur from Hamburg with Korean roots. Since 2014 he is a partner at XLHealth, a digital health venture capital fund based in Berlin. He founded his first company in 2011 and is currently doing Seed Investments. Min-Sung studied in Witten, Seoul, St. Gallen and Cambridge (MA) and is alumnus of the German National Academic Foundation.

Tobias Riethmueller

Local Chapter Frankfurt

Tobias holds an associate position at Schiedermair Rechtsanwälte and concentrates on mergers and acquisitions. Parallely to his employment he is chairman of the German Crowdfunding Network. Reach out for Tobias in case you and your team are having legal questions. You may also meet him in person in Franfkurt where he acts as mentor for SUN's local chapter.

Pavel Sirotkin

Local Chaper Köln

Pavel has studied in Oxford in Düsseldorf. At the moment, he's busy building a new startup in the book sector as a co-founder.

Florian Kulzer

Local Chaper Münster

Florian is an alumni of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation and Studied Economics, Business Administration and Cultural Studies - among other places in Berlin and Vancouver. Since graduating he works for global Media and Services Company Bertelsmann as Part of the M&A and Corporate development team. He is thrilled by the SUN concept to geht in contact with inspiring People form tue Start up cosmos. During his leisure time he enjoys travelling the Globen, Photography and exploring the Media landscape.

Pierre Becher

SUN Founder

Pierre lives lobbyism everyday and uses his far reaching knowledge to coordinate SUN's communication with foundations and other institutions. By building strategic co-operations Pierre ensures that the wishes of SUN's members and startups become reality. Besides developing SUN into a respected voice in Germany’s startup scene, Pierre engages in PR and business development of startups like carzapp and FahrtenFuchs.

Alexej Pikovsky

Local Chapter London

Alexej’s career began in M&A at Nomura in London, followed by some time in the investment team of the activist fund Knight Vinke. Currently, he is a Senior Associate at Delin Capital. During his Master at Imperial College London, he founded, an online booking platform for personal training in mixed martial arts and is alumnus of the German National Academic Foundation.

Andreas Liebl

Local Chapter München

Andreas is alumni of the National Academic Foundation and studied technology management in Stuttgart. He then worked for McKinsey as consultant. Currently, he is on educational leave and is completing his PhD at TU Munich about entrepreneurship and worked with 120 Startups over 1 year. In his spare time he works on several startup ideas.

Herbert Sablotny

Local Chapter Berlin

Herbert is an alumni of the National Academic Foundation and studied Finance & Economics in Cambridge, Wharton and Frankfurt. After starting his career at an American investment bank and Rocket Internet he is now working for an international strategy consultancy and offers advice to clients on a range of topics including digitization.

Thomas Schörner

SUN Founder

Thomas, alumnus of the Cusanuswerk and the German National Academic Foundation, is working as User Experience Designer at SAP. He founded SUN and is currently supervising the SUN network as board member.