Startup Netzwerk SUN e.V. is an independent, non-profit association. It connects scholarship holders and alumni of the 13 German scholarship associations and assists them to successfully take on entrepreneurial projects of any kind.

Our mission is to facilitate a trustful human interaction for people who are committed to responsible entrepreneurship. SUN unites active and future founders, businessmen, investors and mentors from various sectors and stages of the entrepreneurial journey.

The main focus is on networking via our members database and more importantly joint activities and events. At our monthly local group meetings, we offer hands-on insights into the world of startups and business. Furthermore, we offer the opportunity to network and meet leaders, fellow campaigners, other entrepreneurs and field experts.


The motivation to participate in the startup network can be due to several reasons:

  • To discuss general business ideas or get inspired
  • To discuss more concrete business ideas or any issues relating to their implementation
  • To look for a founding team, a co-founder or employees
  • To obtain expert advice on specific issues (e.g. legal issues, business plan, social media)
  • To make useful business contacts (e.g. incubators, investors, journalists)

Local Chapter Meetings

It is important that SUN members get to know each other personally. To that end the local chapters of eight German cities frequently organize local chapter meetings. The meetings often take place in the form of workshops at the headquarters of a partner start-up, to help members develop and refine their ideas. We also organise countrywide meetings, concept battles and pitching days to allow members to obtain the required knowledge and skills to help them advance their objectives.

Member Database

Our member database enables you, to quickly find the right contact regarding different founding issues. The database includes huge databases of all the different scholarship networks to around 1000 members of all scholarships and fields of studies. Through filters you can find matching members according to interests, regions, fields and other characteristics.


Important developments are published in our monthly newsletters, which helps us keep in touch with members and keeps them up-to-date with our activities. The newsletter covers the following:

  • A brief summary of the latest meetings and events
  • Upcoming meetings and events
  • A feature about a current or past SUN start-up and a current idea of a SUN member
  • Presentation of new members



In the Facebook Group, members can discuss all kind of relevant entrepreneurship topics. This is the fastest and most efficient way to get help.

Contact Network

We constantly increase - especially through the contacts of our members - our network to founders, investors and mentors. All members should have the possibility to quickly be connected to the right person. Additionally, we stay in touch with various big and small companies. Furthermore, we plan a SUN mentoring system.


Startup Netzwerk’s culture rests on two main pillars: trust and openness. By joining the membership database or the Facebook group, each member agrees to being contacted by other members.

For example, if you have legal questions, need help writing a business plan, need to get in contact with investors or you are just new in town – contact the person who appears to suit your needs.

Like any good community, we hope everyone keeps in mind the rights and responsibilities we each have to make sure things keep running smoothly. Most important to us here at Startup Netzwerk SUN is that we all respect one another. We expect that an idea is never taken without consultation. Trust and openness is our first priority. We hope the members of the community will be proactive about reminding anyone who isn’t respectful about just what kind of place this site strives to be.


SUN is the first German common platform initiative that combines scholars and alumni of the 13 German scholarship associations, as well as students and other individuals interested in participating in our independent and non-profit initiative.

SUN members can recommend non-scholarship holders, who have to send a short letter of motivation. Overall, they should not make up more than 10% of the members. The scholarship initiative draws on a common experience of seminar programs, holiday and summer academies, colleges, and other events of Germany’s scholarship associations, which all provide a solid foundation of trust. As a result, SUN differs significantly from other open networks for startups.

In 2016, we want to expand our presence in Germany and encourage the exchange of innovative ideas throughout our local chapters. In the process, we offer insights into how entrepreneurs can identify new business opportunities and evaluate risks and potential benefits. For example, support for startups, implementation of best practices, regular exchange of inspiration and support in the search for sponsors and speakers. It is especially important for us to represent the German startup landscape democratically. We want to place an emphasis on the following values:

Local Chapters

With events all over Germany, we wish to commit ourselves to a positive image of startups in the society.

Social Entrepreneurship

In the future, we want to further encourage teams who are looking for business responses to social issues.